Cooking Class

Cooking Class

Eating is Necessity but Cooking is Art

US$ 25.00 / Person

Do you want to learn how to make authentic, high-quality Khmer food like you find in restaurants? So, no need to look further. The Blanc Smith Residence Cooking Class allows visitors to Cambodia to learn how to prepare traditional and delectable Khmer dishes under the supervision of a genuine professional Chef.
We offer a morning and afternoon class. You can start after breakfast at 09:30 to eat lunch at 12pm. Alternatively, we offer a 3pm start time where you will eat at 17:30.

Your Activities:

1. To the Markets…

When you first start the cooking class, we’ll walk over to the Old Market (Psa Cha in Khmer language). At the Market, you will learn about the ingredients that will be used during the cooking stages. You’ll learn about locally grown fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices which are used in everyday Cambodian cooking.

2. Back to the kitchen…

After the market, we'll return to the kitchen and begin preparing our meals. The chef will prepare a three-course meal for you to prepare, including an appetizer, main course, and dessert.

3. Time to enjoy your meal...

After preparing the ingredients and cooking them to create your very first Cambodian dish, then you will sit down in our restaurant to enjoy your meal.
When you’ve finished eating, you will be presented with a box of spices, a certificate, and a Cambodian recipe book written in English

Cooking Class Option

  • Option 1
    Green Mango Salad with Prawn and Smoke Fish

    Steamed Fish Amok in Banana Leaf Boat

    Nom plae ay (Sticky rice stuff with palm sugar)
  • Option 2
    Fresh Spring Rolls with Fresh Vegetable Serve with Dipping Sauce

    Cambodia Local Tenderloin Beef Loc Lac

    Bangaem Jek`tess (Banana and Sago in Coconut)
  • Option 3
    Fresh Spring Rolls with Fresh Vegetable Serve with Dipping Sauce

    Cambodia Red Chicken Curry

    Palm Fruit Cook in Coconut Milk (Cambodia Palm Fruit)

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